Ruger Vaquero NDOC Benefit Raffle

Darrell Wyatt of the Powhatan Peacemakers cowboy fast draw organization in Amelia, Virginia, has launched a Ruger Vaquero
raffle to raise funds for

One-of-a-kind Ruger Vaquero.

One-of-a-kind Ruger Vaquero.

Amelia’s inaugural National Day of the Cowboy celebration next July. The funds are targeted (no pun intended (:>) to sponsor the NDOC Executive Director to be the Grand Marshal of their NDOC event; a greatl opportunity for us to engage broader support east of the Mississippi. The Powhatan Peacemakers are associated with the Cowboy Fast Draw Association of Fallon, Nevada.


Darrell is offering raffle tickets for a one-of-a-kind Ruger Vaquero. The barrel is custom engraved with the words, “National Day of the Cowboy 2015.” Also, the letters NDOC are on the gun butt and our NDOC logo is engraved down the back of the grip.

Only 100 tickets will be sold. Tickets are $20 each. Each person who buys a ticket (or tickets) will have their name written in a square/squares on an un-numbered grid of 100 squares. Once all of the tickets are sold, numbers will be drawn to assign to each square. So, for example, the number drawn for the square in the top right corner could be 77. Once all the numbers are randomly assigned, their local minister will draw the winning number from a cowboy hat containing the numbers 1-100.

As I understand it, a Ruger Vaquero typically retails for $650, so this is your chance to win a very special model for only $20 and to help out our cause at the same time. I’ve attached a photo of the actual piece for your reference.

To purchase your ticket or tickets, contact Darrell Wyatt by email or give him a call at 804-337-5176. Tickets will go quickly and Darrell has already sold some to members of his cowboy fast draw organization.

It’s an honor to be invited to share in the Peacemakers’ Virginia celebration and I would like you to know too that the Amelia Town Council has already passed their resolution in support of officially recognizing the National Day of the Cowboy in 2015. Darrell is also working with his delegate to the VA legislature, Delegate Tommy Wright, in an effort to get the NDOC passed as a permanent bill in VA in 2015. Since VA is one of our original 13 colonies, Darrell is pushing to see Virginia become one of the first 13 states to pass the cowboy bill.

Thanks again for your support. We couldn’t keep the National Day of the Cowboy going without you.


Good luck in the drawing!