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HOW TO SPIN TOY GUNS – Hotshot’s Gunslinger School

GUN TRICKS FUN AND EASY TO LEARN – A fun and instructional DVD for kids as well as adults, Hotshot Johnny shows how to perform over twenty gun tricks in detail. It features a cap-gun safety lesson, two mini-movies, a special action-packed stunt-filled shoot out, original music, hilarious out takes and more. This is gun spinning made fun. If you ever wanted to be a gun spinner, this is for you. All the gun spinning tricks are the real thing, just done with toy guns. Now you can learn gun spinning with your kids at home.


Cracker – The Last Cowboys of Florida

Florida has a long, rich history of cattle ranching, documented in this award-winning film, Cracker – The Last Cowboys of Florida, the work of Victor Milt, a New York City photographer and film director who now lives in Florida and dedicates himself to preserving the state’s agricultural culture.


The Rifleman, the Original Series -- Collector Edition DVD boxed sets, Season 1 and Season 2. Available at

The Rifleman, the Original Series — Collector Edition DVD boxed sets, Season 1 and Season 2. Available at










The Rifleman – The Original Series

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Levy-Gardner-Productions is pleased to present all 76 episodes of Seasons 1 and 2 of the iconic western TV series, “The Rifleman,” starring Chuck Connors as widowed rancher Lucas McCain, and Johnny Crawford as his young son, Mark McCain.The series has been digitally remastered on DVD, with media encoding for the first time ever. All 76 episodes are presented in their original televised sequence in two Collector Edition boxed sets for Seasons 1 (episodes 1-40 on 8 discs) and Season 2 (episodes 41-76 on 6 discs). The Collector Edition DVD sets are packaged in an illustrated folding tray pack that slides into a handsome slipcase, and each set includes a printed program booklet.   Season 3 is set for release in the fall of 2015. Stay tuned to the official website for updates:

The Rifleman is a classic western series set in the fictional town of North Fork, located in the New Mexico Territory. The show’s main themes focus on the strong bond between father and son as they confront the adventures and challenges of homesteading a ranch at the edge of the American frontier of the 1880s. Lucas McCain’s custom Winchester Rifle is the signature symbol of the series’ law and order message, with justice and a sense of fair play central to its guiding principles.


Let’ Er Buck – Rodeo the Early Years

An amazing, Emmy nominated documentary on the history of rodeo up until the mid-1930s. Get yourself a taste of the way rodeo used to be! Researched and produced by Lance Valdespino, Longhorn Productions.


Oh, You Cowgirl!

“Oh, You Cowgirl!” is an in-depth documentary film about the early 20th century cowgirls; the unsung heroes of the west. It is an honest-to-goodness cowgirl story which also reveals the truth about the legend and mystery of Prairie Rose Henderson. The film focuses upon the spirit and heart of the cowgirls of the wild west shows and rodeos – all champions; some coming from ranches in the west, some entertainers from the east, many giving up everything to do more than they “had a right to do.” The impact these inspiring, courageous women had on history, and the significance of their invaluable contribution to our western heritage, has been overlooked for nearly one hundred years. It’s high time their strength and character were brought into the light.