10th Annual National Day of the Cowboy sweeps the country

It’s been a big year for the National Day of the Cowboy as evidenced by the over 50 celebrations and events posted on our calendar with the tenth annual National Day of the Cowboys just hours away. With so many individuals, organizations and communities getting involved in these events, it’s clear more and more people are truly taking ownership of this heritage holiday and making it their own. There are many new events as well as annual festivities that have already become traditional for some communities. At Dodge City Days, the Governor of Kansas will be making history when he signs the National Day of the Cowboy bill as Grand Marshal of their NDOC parade. This signing officially makes Kansas the eighth state to award permanent status to the 4th Saturday in July as a day to celebrate cowboy culture and pioneer heritage.

Thanks to everyone who has supported this grassroots effort. Because of all of you, your NDOC purchases, your donations, your volunteer work, and your memberships, we’re able to keep the lights on and keep this growing year after year. We’re hoping next year to add at least five more states to the list of those which have passed it into permanent law. Getting it passed into law, protects it for future generations, but it’s your celebrating that gives it real meaning and substance so thanks to everyone who has taken the time to plan an event and to everyone who will be taking the time to attend one. Remember though, if you can’t get to a celebration, we hope you’ll plan one of your own!

Happy 10th Annual National Day of the Cowboy!