Kansas makes it eight!

It’s official!Dodge City 2012 The State of Kansas has become the 8th state to pass the National Day of the Cowboy bill in perpetuity. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of the folks at the Dodge City Convention & Visitors Bureau, the NDOC bill actually passed in the Kansas Legislature in April. However, the date in the bill was inadvertently changed to the ‘last’ Saturday in July, rather than the 4th Saturday in July, and it did not get corrected before passage by the legislature, so we were waiting to hear how KS Governor Brownback would handle the signing. We’ve just learned that he will be riding in the Dodge City National Day of the Cowboy parade and signing the bill into law on July 26th during Dodge City Days. Governor Brownback will be signing the NDOC bill with a proviso that the legislature correct the date to be the 4th Saturday in July, before next year. Hats off to Kansas and to the Dodge City Convention & Visitors Bureau! With the help of our members and volunteers, we at the National Day of the Cowboy organization will continue to work on achieving permanent passage in the next 42 states.