Oregon makes it six

On May 7, 2013, the Oregon Legislature became the sixth legislature in the nation to pass the National Day of the Cowboy in perpetuity. The Oregon resolution, House Concurrent Resolution 25, was co-sponsored by Senator Doug Whitsett and Representative Mike McLane.

“Cowboys deserve special recognition in Oregon because the beef and ranching industries are critical to the state economy,’ said Sen. Doug Whitsett.   “Being a cowboy,” Whitsett said, “is more than cowboy boots, big buckles and white hats…Cowboy is a title that is earned, through a life of dedication, hard work and sacrifice.”

Although this was Oregon’s first time to consider and pass the National Day of the Cowboy resolution, they did pass it with permanent status. Oregon joins a growing list of states, including Wyoming, California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Oklahoma in awarding permanent status to a day of celebration of cowboy culture and pioneer heritage. Although the 9th Annual National Day of the Cowboy, July 27th, 2013, is fast approaching, we anticipate more states will achieve permanent passage within the next few months.