Jun 26

The Fencing Crew

The National Day of the Cowboy is proud to announce the artwork of Montana artist, David Graham, “The Fencing Crew,” which he created in 2010, will be the image for our 2019 Cowboy Keeper Awards.

The Fencing Crew

David is a Western and Wildlife artist whose depictions of the West spring to life through his canvas. He was born in Miles City, MT, during the time his family was operating a ranch in the Powder River area east of Miles City. His family’s roots in the western way of life greatly influenced David’s art and nurtured his interest in the land beginning in his early years. David’s passion for painting the people, wildlife, and scenery of the West comes not only from the aesthetic beauty that captivates him, but also from his love and interest for the land’s history and culture..
We’re especially happy to have this iconic contribution from a Montana artist, since Montana recently became the 15th state to pass the National Day of the Cowboy bill.
Hats off to the cowboy!