NDOC on the Trail

The Westernaires of Colorado hold their National Day of the Cowboy event on the Friday before the fourth Saturday in July, so I was able to attend their event this year in order to present this incredible group of young people with their 2011 Cowboy Keeper Award. I knew these talented kids were highly accomplished horsemen having seen them perform their meticulous equestrian drills many times at the National Western Stock Show and at Don & Sharon Endsley’s Great American Wild West Show. However, I had never been able to attend a show which showcased the full range of their expertise which includes roman riding, whip cracking, equestrian drills, and even an 11 year old trick rider! They are wildly impressive performers.

From the Westernaires in Denver, I traveled north to Dubois, Wyoming, for their 6th annual National Day of the Cowboy celebration which lasts three days. Had a ball riding in the parade, seeing Tommy Turvey fly into the rodeo arena standing on his horse as he carried the NDOC flag and finally meeting so many of the Dubois folks who’ve been participating in this event for years. Enjoyed excellent music and good food everywhere I went too. I also had the privilege of presenting Dubois Main Street with their 2011 Cowboy Keeper Award in a beautiful park on main street, along with my old friend, Susan Thomas, widow of the late Senator Craig Thomas who originally sponsored the Cowboy Day resolution.