Henry .45 Long Colt Big Boy Rifle Raffle – 2016

Henry .45 Long Colt RifleMarch 17, 2016
Anthony Imperato, CEO of Henry Repeating Arms, donated two Henry .45 Long Colt Big Boy Rifles to the National Day of the Cowboy, in support of our work to establish a national day of recognition for cowboy culture and the preservation of pioneer heritage. Founded in 1997, and headquartered in Bayonne, NJ, Henry Repeating Arms firearms manufacturing company is one of the top five long gun manufacturers in the United States, and, the leading lever action manufacturer. Henry Rifles are, “Made in America or not made at all.” Henry Repeating Arms is also recognized and respected as a company which generously and frequently supports nonprofit community efforts across the country. The National Day of the Cowboy is offering an opportunity to win one of these donated Big Boy Rifles in a fundraising raffle.

NDOC Henry Big Boy Rifle Description:
This raffle is for ONE Henry .45 Long Colt Big Boy Rifle donated to the National Day of the Cowboy by Henry Repeating Arms Company. The rifle features an octagonal 24″ barrel, a brass receiver and lever action. Henry Rifles engraved the stock with the official National Day of the Cowboy logo, in red and blue lettering. This rifle also has the year, “2015” engraved on it, an added feature showcasing the work of Virginia engraver, Marcus Ovando. The NDOC Henry rifle comes in its own beautiful presentation case.Henry .45 Long Colt Rifle

Raffle details:
We are offering 100 raffle slots for this Henry. Tickets are $20 each. The name of each person who buys a ticket (or tickets) will be written in a square/squares on an un-numbered grid of 100 squares. Once all of the squares are sold and filled, numbers will be drawn to assign to each square. So, for example, the number drawn for the square in the top left corner could be #77. Once all the numbers are randomly assigned, the Grand Marshal of Amelia’s annual NDOC event will draw the winning number from a cowboy hat containing the numbers 1-100, on July 23, 2016.

To purchase your tickets:

Make your check or postal money order to   “Powhatan Peacemakers.” You must put “HENRY NDOC” in the memo section.

Mail payment to:

Darrell Wyatt, PO Box 506, Amelia, VA 23002. Be sure you include a phone number. Contact Darrell Wyatt by email melungeon99@gmail.com or phone 804-337-5176 with any questions you may have. Tickets will go very quickly.

Once the winning ticket is drawn and the winner is notified, the winner must provide a shipping transfer FFL to the FFL currently holding the Henry rifle.
Contact Darrell Wyatt melungeon99@gmail.com for current FFL information. The FFL then submits a request for a background check on the buyer. It is the responsibility of the raffle winnier to make arrangements with a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) as to where they want the rifle shipped. Gunsmiths and firearms retailers have such a license. They usually charge a fee for doing the paperwork; typically that fee is around $25.

Any transfer fees, plus the cost of shipping the rifle and its presentation case will be paid by the winning ticket holderr.

NOTE:: Possession of the rifle cannot be facilitated until the buyer’s background check clearance is received by the FFL

When you contact your FFL, they will ask for your credentials and shipping address. The FFL submits the background check and transfers ownership. If you do not know whom to contact with an FFL, email NDOC board member, Darrell Wyatt, melungeon99@gmail.com and he will help you locate one in your area.

The National Day of the Cowboy 501c3 wishes to thank Jerry Betley (IN), Scott Beam (IN), and Darrell Wyatt (VA), for their efforts in contacting and working with the Henry Repeating Arms Company on behalf of the NDOC. Thanks too, to Marcus Ovando for engraving both rifles with “2015,” thus making them unique to this year. We are especially grateful to Anthony Imperato, CEO of Henry Repeating Arms, and to his employees, for their generous support of the National Day of the Cowboy effort.

The National Day of the Cowboy non-profit organization works to contribute to the preservation of America’s cowboy culture and pioneer heritage so that the history and culture which the National Day of the Cowboy bill honors, can be shared and perpetuated for the public good, through education, the arts, literature, celebrations, gatherings, rodeos, and other community activities.