NDOC Moving up the Flagpole

We want to acknowledge our friends at Western Horseman Magazine for offering a 20% discount to new subscribers if they ordered a subscription on the National Day of the Cowboy. Also, thanks go out to Stetson for including a link to the National Day of the Cowboy on their website and featuring information about our new custom NDOC belt buckle made by Gist Silversmiths. We know we’ll have to put a dollar in the bragging jar for this next one, but we have to point out that at long last, there’s a picture of us with our good friend, writer/author, Corinne J. Brown (Come and Get It!), in the September issue of Cowboys & Indians Magazine. Yeehaw! Each of these gestures make far more folks aware there is a National Day of the Cowboy, and as you already know, the key to its success depends on constantly increasing awareness and participation.