Mississippi takes Lucky 7 spot

It’s OFFICIAL! On Friday afternoon, June 28, 2013, Mississippi joined the growing list of states that have awarded permanent status to the 4th Saturday in July as the National Day of the Cowboy! With its passage of HCR #3, Mississippi has become the seventh state in the country to formally recognize the importance of protecting our pioneer heritage and promoting our cowboy culture through this concurrent action of both houses of their legislature. Thanks to our awesome volunteer, Rip Copeland of Batesville, Mississippi, and to his enthusiastic sponsor of the NDOC bill, Representative Nolan Mettetal, we have seven states where the National Day of the Cowboy has been deemed to be of such import that the legislature has passed it as a permanent bill. And, guess what! This makes Mississippi  the first state EAST of the Mississippi to pass the National Day of the Cowboy in perpetuity.

Thank you Rip Copeland. Thank you Representative Mettetal and Thank you Mississippi. Don’t forget to celebrate!