Mission Statement, Board & Volunteers


National Day of the Cowboy Mission Statement

The National Day of the Cowboy non-profit organization works to contribute to the preservation of America’s cowboy culture and pioneer heritage so that the history and culture which the National Day of the Cowboy bill honors, can be shared and perpetuated for the public good, through education, the arts, literature, celebrations, gatherings, rodeos, and other community activities.


National Day of the Cowboy Board of Directors 2018

  • Chairman, Executive Director & Publisher – Bethany Braley, Oregon
  • Vice-Chairman – Gerald Betley, Indiana
  • 2nd Vice-Chairman – Barb “Western Belle” Richhart, Colorado
  • Treasurer – Thomas Hawk, Maryland
  • Secretary – Darrel Wyatt, Virginia


Volunteer Support Staff
(Tell us about your skills, talents, experience and interests. We always need and appreciate additional volunteer help.)

  • Bookkeeper – Thomas Hawk, Maryland
  • Fundraising Foreman – Vacant
  • Event Calendar Wrangler – Christina Arnautov, Washington
  • Read Em Cowboy Wrangler – Vacant
  • Roundup Captain – Brent Slutsky, California
  • Roundup Captain – Jerry Betley, Indiana
  • PRCA Rodeo Announcer Liaison – Bob Fox, California
  • Public Relations Ranger – Vladimir “Lucky” Lukianenko, Washington
  • Desert Cowboys’ Marshal – SFC Russell J Anderson, US Army, Oklahoma
  • Website Foreman – Bethany Braley, Oregon
  • Marketing Associate – Christina Arnautov, Washington
  • Special Projects Graphics Designer – Edward Pancost, Colorado
  • Website Graphics – Diamond D Graphics, Iowa
  • Radio Wrangler – Barb Richhart, Colorado
  • Grant writer – Thomas Hawk, Maryland
  • Facebook Wranglers – Bethany Braley, Oregon, Christina Arnautov, Washington
  • Former Spokesperson (8 years) Tom Bass, Florida


Volunteer Needs

  • Fundraising – 4 hours a month
  • Public Relations – 3 hours a month
  • Membership – 2 hours a month
  • Word Press Expert – 2 hours a month
  • PC Software Expert – 2 hours a month
  • Event Planner – varies

WANTED – National & International Volunteers

We are seeking volunteers willing to assist us in pursuing passage of a National Day of the Cowboy bill in 38 more US states. We would also like to achieve formal recognition in International communities. Email info@nationaldayofthecowboy.com. Subject: Volunteer