Click on the “Donate” button below to make a direct tax deductible charitable donation to our 501c3 nonprofit organization – National Day of the Cowboy, in any amount, through PayPal, a secure way to send money across the internet via credit or debit card. You do not need a PayPal account to donate through PayPal.

Thank you from the National Day of the Cowboy 501(c)3 organization. Your tax deductible contributions enable us to continue the crusade to establish the fourth Saturday in July as a permanent day of honor for the Cowboy and Cowgirl through state legislatures and Congress and to steadfastly promote the preservation of pioneer heritage and cowboy culture. We are also a certified MissionFish Charity, so you may donate either a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of any eBay sales or purchases to our organization by selecting “National Day of the Cowboy” from the drop-down list of eBay charities when you buy or sell on eBay.You may also donate by sending a check or money order to:National Day of the Cowboy
PO Box 25298
Prescott Valley AZ 86312When considering worthy causes for donations from your National Day of the Cowboy celebration or western related events, please consider us as a potential recipient. Although this is an all-volunteer organization, we do have many ongoing operational expenses.

Here is a partial list of some of our ANNUAL operating expenses. Note: we do not have any payroll expenses.

Annual Operating Expenses Annual
Website hosting 125
Internet/Phones 1200
Cowboy Keeper Awards 600
Domains & Email Boxes 450
Postage, Shipping & Handling 580
Office supplies & Ink 300
Business cards 130
Computer protection software 50
Marketing Brochures 880
Registered Agent fee 85
Annual Corporation Fee 45
Event & Meeting Expenses 2100
Vehicle Maintenance 120
Storage rent 720
PO Box 60
Event Fees 825
TOTAL 9,680
 Contact us at if you have any questions about how donations are utilized.

Arizona Residents/Fry’s Customers

We are a Fry’s recognized charity organization in Arizona. If you live in Arizona and shop at any Arizona Fry’s Grocery Stores, you can help us stay in business with no expense whatsoever on your part. All you need is a Fry’s shopping card and an email address. Go to the Fry’s website, create a Fry’s account and connect your Fry’s shopping card (aka V.I.P. Card) to the National Day of the Cowboy as your charity organization. Once you do that, Fry’s will donate to us every time you buy groceries in an Arizona Fry’s Store using your Fry’s shopping card. Your selection must be renewed every August 1st.

Amazon Customers

We are a certified charity on Amazon, so anyone who shops on Amazon can elect the National Day of the Cowboy as their Amazon charity of choice. This means every time you make a purchase on Amazon, Amazon will make a donation to the National Day of the Cowboy 501c3. Go to and type “National Day of the Cowboy” into the space to pick a charity. NDOC will come up from the list and all you need to do then is check the box. This will not cost you anything, but could really be of great help to the NDOC if enough Amazon shoppers sign up.