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Membership Program


2011 Membership pin

Supporting Membership Program

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, the National Day of the Cowboy must rely upon grants, fundraising, memberships, sponsors, and donations, for our operating budget. Our campaign success and our support of heritage preservation projects depend upon continued growth and your involvement and generous financial support.

Membership dues and financial contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law and support what we feel is a very worthy cause. If you believe the preservation of this unique aspect of heritage and culture is important; we agree with you wholeheartedly - IT IS important. But, if you expect someone else to take on the responsibility for keeping it alive, ask yourself if you want to risk the fact that they may not do that! Don't depend on others to help save this special element of history. Become a supporting member or make a tax deductible donation today, before our window of opportunity closes forever. It will be infinitely harder to revive interest in our heritage and reclaim it, if we let it slip completely out of our grasp.

National Day of the Cowboy 501(c)(3)
Supporting Membership Form
Name _________________________________________________ Date ________________

Street address _______________________________________________________________

City ______________________________________State _____ Zip: ________Country_____

Phone _________________________________ Alternate phone _______________________

Email ______________________________________________________________________

 ♦ Please include additional member names and contact information ♦

Membership Support Levels
___$1,000 (CTB) Corporate Trailboss - 16 cards, 16 Pins, 8 Hatch Prints ♦
___$500 (RUC) Roundup Captain (selects Cowboys for roundup) - 12 Pins, 12 cards, 6 Hatch Prints ♦
___$250 (TRK) Tracker (Rides ahead of the herd) - 8 Cards, 8 Pins, 4 Hatch Prints ♦ 
___$175 (FLK) Flanker (Cuts in stragglers) - 6 Cards, 6 Pins, 3 Hatch Prints ♦
___$100 (LRB) Line-rider (Looks after employer’s interests) - 5 Cards, 5 Pins ♦ 
___$75 (CRR) Corrida (Unit of Cowboys) - 4 Cards, 4 Pins ♦
___$40 (BRP) Brush Popper (expert at runnin’ cattle in brush country) - 2 Cards, 2 Pins ♦
___$20 (OTR) Outrider (commissioned to ride anywhere) - 1 Card, 1 Pin ♦
___$15 (TND) Tenderfoot (Students & 21 and under) - 1 Card, 1 Pin ♦ 
___$10 (BBK) Button Buckaroo (Kids under 10) - 1 Pin, 1 Card ♦ 

Members also receive:
10% discount on all National Day of the Cowboy products (except the flag & buckle)
10% discount on retail orders from T-Bone Brands, Scottsdale, AZ
10% discount at Pony Espresso Cafe, Prescott Valley, AZ
10% discount from Arizona Sun Mercantile
10% subscription discount to “Chronicle of the Old West
10% Circle KB, Salmon, Idaho

Membership Support Levels

  If you prefer to pay by check or money order, please add $2.25 for S&H and make payable to National Day of the Cowboy. Mail along with a copy of this form to:

National Day of the Cowboy
PO Box 25298 
Prescott Valley AZ 86312-5298

You do not need a Paypal account to use the "Buy Now" button to pay for membership.

Membership is for one calendar year. Dues may be paid by check or through PayPal. Donations may be made through PayPal Dues and donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

We accept donated items and we are a MissionFish approved charity so you may donate a percentage of your eBay sales to our organization. Simply select "National Day of the Cowboy" from the drop-down list of charities when you list your item. We are also an official Facebook Cause.

Thank you for supporting the work of the National Day of the Cowboy 501(c)(3) Organization and contributing to the preservation of our pioneer heritage and cowboy culture.

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