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Limited Edition NDOC Buckles

Gist Silversmiths Limited Edition
National Day of the Cowboy Belt Buckle

Be among the first to wear our beautiful new, limited edition, National Day of the Cowboy Gist Silversmiths' belt buckle. Only the first 100 buckles will be sequentially numbered on the back. The 3.5" x 2.75" buckle features our trademark blue lettering and red stars. It's a scalloped (Q shape) buckle with a raised, beveled edge and a flat engraved background. These silver plated buckles feature an antique wash background for a traditional cowboy look. The banners are raised, with the routed date and banner lettering in blue.

The bucking horse logo in the center is set off with black resin in the background and routed black lettering around the circle. The lettering in the "National Day of the Cowboy" logo is in a raised platform with blue letters, and red in the large stars of the "O"s in "Cowboy". The circle around the cowboy reads "Honesty, Integrity, Courage," - words taken from the 2011 NDOC Resolution, which describe three of the many postitive character traits a good cowboy or cowgirl exemplifies.

Gist is a California company where some of the finest silversmiths have been crafting buckles for over 40 years.     

NDOC Gist Belt Buckle $125 + $10 S&H per buckle in the USA.
Note: January 31, 2011 - We currently have 3 buckles remaining which are dated 2011. Once these 2011 buckles are sold, the date on the buckle will be changed to 2012.

NDOC Gist Buckle 2011

Email to pay by check or money order. Add $5 per buckle S&H outside the USA.

Montana Silversmiths
NDOC Limited Edition Belt Buckle
MS NDOC Buckles are Sold Out

Montana Silversmiths' elegant and eye-catching, limited edition National Day of the Cowboy belt buckle is a beautiful custom-made, collectible piece which never fails to draw compliments. The buckle has either a date inset, beginning with 2007, or flower insets.

Buckle measures 4" X 3"  

NDOC Limited Edition Montana Silversmiths Buckle $145 Plus $8 S&H.

Sold Out May 2011
No longer in production