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2012 Resolution

Proposed 2012 National Day of the Cowboy Resolution

Expressing support for the designation of the Fourth Saturday in July ‘‘National Day of the Cowboy’’.


Whereas pioneering men and women, known as cowboys, helped establish America’s frontiers;

Whereas the cowboy archetype transcends gender, generations, ethnicity, geographic
boundaries, and political affiliation;

Whereas the cowboy embodies honesty, integrity, courage, compassion, and determination; 

Whereas the cowboy spirit exemplifies patriotism and strength of character;

Whereas the cowboy is an excellent steward of the land and its creatures;

Whereas the core values expressed within the Cowboy Code of Conduct continue to inspire the pursuit of the highest caliber of personal integrity;

Whereas cowboy traditions have been part of the American landscape and culture since 1523, and today’s cowboys and cowgirls continue to strive to preserve and perpetuate this unique element of America’s heritage;

Whereas the cowboy continues to be an important part of the economy through the work of approximately 656,500 ranches in all 50 States, 

Whereas annual attendance at rodeos exceeds 30,000,000 fans worldwide, 

Whereas membership and participation in National Day of the Cowboy, Single Acton Shooting Society, Working Ranch Cowboys Association, Cowboy Mounted Shooters Association, American Quarter Horse Association, Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, Championship Bull Riding, Women's Professionl Rodeo Association, Western Music Association, United States Team Roping Championships, and other organizations that encompass the livelihood of the cowboy, continues to expand nationally and internationally;

Whereas the cowboy and his horse are a central figure in literature, art, film, poetry, photography, and music,and

Whereas the cowboy is a true American icon occupying a central place in the public’s imagination; 
Now therefore, be it 

Resolved, that the House of Representatives—

(1) expresses support for the designation of a

‘‘National Day of the Cowboy’’; and

(2) encourages the people of the United States

to observe the day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.

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