Good news about the resolution passage by the Texas Sentate March 30th!

Bethany, it was good to see you at Tin Pan South, though it was all too brief! I appreciate your willingness to help me out by arranging things so I could make the two Opry performances that evening. The Opry doesn’t present much Cowboy Music, so I always try to be there with “jinglebobs on” when they invite me to play

I saw Angie Maynor last Thursday for the concert she hired me to play for the Route 66 Interpretive Center in Chandler, Oklahoma. I’m glad the two of you have become friends. I knew you’d like each other, as you are both real “go-getters” for Western Heritage.

I don’t know how much luck I’d have pursuing getting a bill for National Day of the Cowboy passed in Wisconsin, but I can try. I’d like to set you up to speak to State Senator Dan Kapanke, Vernon

County’s representative to the Wisconsin Legislature. Dan is a wonderful guy, and an appreciator of Western Heritage and people in agriculture. He has an agricultural background, having a successful seed distribution business in the Upper Midwest.

In the interim, could you please send me an email copy (Scan or PDF/Word Document) of one of the resolutions passed by one of the states? Perhaps you could send the one with your favorite wording, as a model for a resolution to pass in Wisconsin.

Happy Trails to You!




Yes please send me the resolution information – I’d like to help get CA passed!


Lindalee Green
WMA Board of Directors
Western Way Director of Sales & Marketing
2007-9 WMA CA Chapter President
Yahoo Groups Moderator



Congrats on signing the store lease in Fort Worth,,, fantastic… I’m still reeling from how good your Tin Pan show was…..I am going to try my best to send the videos of the show, even though they are not the best…. snake oil



Congrats on bringing Western Music back to Nashville!

Thanks for your hard work!

Joyce Woodson, California




Bethany, so good to hear you are pressing on. Great things are happening because of YOU!!

You may want to get a booth at the Red Steagall show in October, contact Etta Miller at 817.907.8260. Being right there in the stockyards, it’ll be a short haul If you will send me a poster with general information about the NDOTC I will put it up in my booth at each of my shows. So neat about the songwriters, Juni is a very good friend of mine, what a talent!! Please call if you need any help or contact info!! I head out to my next bunch of shows April 11th…if you have something to post in my booth, have it to me by then. Keep up the good work and we’ll talk soon!!

Shannon, Kansas Saddlery

Tuffy Flagler & Shannon Wrango
P O Box 97
423 W High St
Leon, KS 67074




Howdy, How ya doing? Loved seeing about the Gibson guitar auction – I had a ’67 oh, so many years ago and hocked it when the kids needed soccer shoes. Ha! We do what has to be done – don’t we? Tomorrow we are hosting Oklahoma Pony of Americas Club for a luncheon. I hope to get some info and feedback. I have also spoken on the phone to Lazy E Arena guy and plan to have a table representing NDOC on March 7th for their big roping event. Have a great weekend & wish me luck ! Take care, Angie

Angie Maynor
Route 66 Interpretive Center
Chandler, Oklahoma 74834




We did it! I received a copy of the State Senate Resolution proclaiming Saturday July 25, 2009 as the Day of the Cowboy in New York State. I feel like I am on cloud 9 right now.


Bob DeMitry
Quarter Circle D Bar Ranch
2266 West Kendall Road
Kendall, New York 14476




Honey, you deserve to be bronzed!!!!!!

Nice work.





Hi Bethany,

Just a note to let you know that I will be starting my Display season soon. The first showing of the 2009 season will be at a horse seminar. The seminar usually draws about 400 people and most are into western riding. I am always looking for more ways to show my display. I try to tell the real side of cowboy life and not what Hollywood makes them out to be. They seldom mention the bone jerking cold or doing chores when the temperature is below zero. I love my horses so I don’t complain. I do it because it has to be done and I love them. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

Have a good day and Happy Trails,

Bob, New York




It was good hearing from you. I took a quick look at the website and it looks neat. I have it on my list to get you a picture of the Cowboy Day purse. Good luck with your move.

Brenda Watts





Enjoyed talking with you. Sincerest hopes that your trip to Ft. Worth goes well. Look forward to seeing you in the Lone Star State soon!!

Dennis Jay, LaVernia, Texas




Hi Bethany,

I want you to understand that I want nothing for myself. It would only help get my foot in the door where the representative of an organization could get in with great ease. My display is all put together at my own expense. All I want to do is see America’s Cowboy honored the way he should be. When I went to Manti, Utah, for Honor Day in September 2007, I learned of my roots. My great-great grandfather was a pioneer. He was one of the founders of Manti. He was a Territorial Legislator and a Federal Judge. I feel there is a part of me that says I was born in the wrong part of the country one hundred years to late.

Baxter Black points out that there is a Code of the West. The Code of the West is an important part of my display. The Code of the West is what I live my life by. Everything in the display I paid for out of my pocket. I buy paper for items I print for “Handouts”. I buy gas for my truck. I give my time. I ask nothing in return. I hope to be able to buy a cowboy flag in March to include it in the display. I will be talking with the Town Supervisor, about a week long celebration in July. I think he will want my display for the Town Hall again this year. It is hard not to have the Display for a whole month. I received a lot of positive feedback.

Hope to hear from you.

Happy Trails,

Bob DeMitry, New York




Hello Bethany,

Thanks for thinking of Jack [Hannah].

I love your taste but sure would be harder getting Jack there from Fresno for a round than the Tenn folks. I would consider this a very long shot and could not confirm anything tomorrow.

Congrats on all your recent accomplishments.

My best,


Scott O’Malley & Associates, LLC
PO Box 9188
Colorado Springs, CO 80932
Ph:719-635-7776, Fax:719-635-9789
web page: somagency.com




Hi, Bethany,

I would love to come to Tin Pan South; unfortunately the only date I have open that week is on Tuesday, and I would have to be back in California by noon on Wednesday, so it’s probably not possible for me to participate. I sure do thank you for thinking of me… and I hope whoever you get just knocks ‘em dead…

Dave Stamey




Hi Bethany,

I need your help. Since I am retired and the National Day of the Cowboy has become a passion my display has become bigger and in great demand. Several places would like the display but only if I can show them a letter that it is approved by the National Day of the Cowboy Organization. I have printed up the history from the Internet so people can learn more about the National Day of the Cowboy.

I will be notified when New York State Senator George Maziarz will introduce the resolution in the state Senate. I will keep you informed. How do I become an official spokesman for the National Day of the Cowboy? Hope to hear from you soon.

Happy Trails,

Bob DeMitry
Quarter Circle D Bar Ranch
2266 West Kendall Road
Kendall, New York 14476




Hi Bethany,

It’s Jackie from Western Trails in London. We received a picture from Pat Brenner of you all together on Saturday at the Apache Junction celebration. Have spoken to Kevin, he said the day was awesome. I thought I’d send you this picture of us all at around 11.30pm saturday evening in the UK, toasting you all for the National Day of the Cowboy!

Best Wishes,


Western Trails Ranch, United Kingdom






Here is the bride and groom who were married on the National day of the Cowboy July 26, 2008 in Willcox, AZ. Acutally they got married in Cochise, Az, had the reception at the Elks in Willcox.











Gary “Old Buckaroo”




The July Newsletter is awesome and exciting! Outstanding!!! Though I haven’t gotten to get with you and show my enthusiasm for all you are doing, this is so exciting for me, a cowgirl by birth growing up on my Grandpa’s homestead working ranch near Hot Springs, SD, on a horse from diapers on, riding horseback to a 1-room country school, being a rodeo queen, traveling the rodeo circuit. While raising stock and putting on rodeos and events, in 1973, I landed in and made Willcox home because of its cowboy, western roots and environment!

I spent the next 31 years working in public relations, economic development and more and still keeping cowboy boots on and livestock so my sons would grow up with cowboy country roots. I went back home in 2005 and purchased my Grandpa and parents homestead and took care of much family business after the the deaths of my parents and brother. I’m turning my homestead into a trust so our family can always have a place to go visit and be a family.

I really want to help you in anyway I can. My hat is off to the most wonderful work you are doing!

LaDonna Burgess




Hi Bethany,

Just a quick note hoping all goes well for you this Saturday 26th July, for the NDC parade. We shall be flying the NDC flag at the ranch on Saturday, and we will all be with you in spirit.

Im sure Kevin, Christine and Mitch will do us all proud.

Best wishes,
Western Trails Ranch, United Kingdom




Hi Bethany:

Joyce has tickets for the Red Steagall concert. I want to go to the High Altitude train concert as I like all these guys. Most of them are friends of mine. It was really nice to meet you. I hope we get to visit with you again sometime.

yer pard,

Darrell Arnold

Cowboy Magazine



Congratulations Bethany! All your hard work and perseverance has definitely paid off. I am very proud of what you have been able to accomplish. THANK YOU!

Barbara Hayden

Starline Brass



Bethany, congratuations. Kathleen forwarded your email announcement to me. Wonderful job, and hats off to Congresswoman Giffords.

Thanks very,

Chris Whitney

Colorado Horse Council



Hello Bethany.

Congratulations for you and for your team. Really is a good day today.

Bests regards.

Albert Roch, Spain




Hi Bethany:

It’s Al Pirozzoli in Connecticut. We spoke by email before I left for vacation last week.

I was intending to call you Monday but came back to numerous business issues.

Let me ask you a question. Since I have no connections with anyone in politics here, what would I have to do to begin the process?

That answer will help me determine if I can be effective in helping the cause. Please advise:

Al P.





Susan Thomas (widow of Wyoming’s late esteemed U.S. Senator Craig Thomas)



Congratulations to you Beth. All of your hard work has finally paid off. What’s next, a stamp, or is there already one?

Dan and Florence too!

Alexandria, Virginia




This is wonderful news!




Congratulations to You, and All of America’s Cowboys, male, female, young & old!…YeeHaw!

Dr Buck
DR Buck Productions
P.O. Box 7123
Goodyear, Arizona 85338



Hi Bethany,

Thanks for sharing the great news that the National Day of the Cowboy resolution passed in the US House of Representatives for the first time ever. We also just received Maine Governor Baldacci’s proclamation that July 26th will be Maine Cowboy Day.

Del Shields, cowboy singer and poet from RFD TV’s Best of America by Horseback, performed for our trail riding club this past weekend and was a true blessing. Del said he would like to do something for National Day of the Cowboy. Do you know of any activities planned for Kansas that Del might be able to help out? Del lives in Humboldt, Kansas and his email address singingpoet_1@hotmail.com

Congratulations again!!






I swear, were it not for you, this might never have happened! I know Senator Craig Thomas is smiling down on us all!


Amanda Smith, Editor
Open Range Magazine
214 S. 5th Streeet
Glenrock, WY 82637



Bethany Hi

I have some news. The Goldenstein Gallery where I have my artwork has asked me to come and paint on July 26th. They are having a National Day of the Cowboy parade and some other events that day. I am going there tomorrow to get all the details about times etc. I thought you’d like to hear about it. I am very excited about it and hope it will be a fun and exciting time.

Keep in touch,

Naomi Offner



Congrats for all of your hard work and tenacity!

Val Moker





Congratulations Bethany!

All of your hard work has paid off. Ric and I are proud of you and delighted with the outcome of your efforts.


Kathy and Ric Boyer



Beth, I am so proud of you and all you stand for, this is such a great accomplishment… and I know Westerners everywhere will be pleased to hear this great news….

Snake Oil Shell

Nashville, Tennessee




Hi Bethany

H. Res. 984 passed the House today by voice vote! The Congresswoman submitted these remarks for the Congressional Record. She was not able to speak at the time because she was still enroute from Arizona.

We are thrilled!

Liz Berry
Legislative Assistant
Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords
502 Cannon House Office Building
(202) 225-2542



Hi Bethany,

In your library of cowboy history, you will want to consider the award winning 2007 & 2008 documentry movies, available in DVD’s which can be offered by your organization. See article in the current (July-August) issue of RFD TV Magazine.

The movies are “Cowboys of Florida” and “Cracker–the Florida Cowboy.” Cowboys are fixed in the national memory in the forefront of our national heritage, but historically, it should not be forgotten the first cows arrived in America in 1522 in Florida. The first cowboys evolved in Florida, where they were first called “cow chasers” and later “Crackers” for the cracking whips used to assemble and drive the cattle to market, especially during the civil war, when Florida cattle provided the beef for the North and South.

You really need to see the movies. Contact me at donmcclurg@yahoo.com or call 941-875-3563 and I will forward a set of DVD’s to you. For additional information, go to www.crackercowboys.com

Look forward to hearing from you.

Don McClurg




My name is Laura Brunton and I live in John Day (Grant County), Oregon. I saw your article in the Rurlite Monthly magazine put out by Oregon Trail Electric Co-op. I thought you might be interested to know that we have a very excellent Ranch – Rodeo Museum here that celebrates the western lifestyle lived in this part of the state since before Oregon was a state.

You can find a little more about it at our County Historical Museum’s website http://www.gchistoricalmuseum.com/local_attractions.html. I would be very interested in connecting you with the founder of the Ranch Rodeo Museum as there are some excellent plans for expansion in the future.

I am fairly new at involvement with this interest but see it as an important piece in preserving the history of our county as well as in promoting our county in non-traditional ways for economic development. Grant County has a rich ranching history and current working ranches as well as farming and those involved in rodeo life. We also have four internationally known leatherworkers/silversmiths in our area who make saddles, bridles and other western style products. One of these artists has made buckles for President Bush as well as one of our senators.

I am interested in discussion with you as to how we could collaborate to help you promote National Day of The Cowboy and maybe with your contacts or input we could promote our Museum project. One thing I was thinking of was we would be happy to display one of your flags at our museum. Another thought was that possibly the Grant County Fair (which is celebrating its 100th Anniversary in August) might be interested in flying it as well. I am just btrainstorming with ideas at this point. Please contact me and let me know if there is a possiblility of some collaboration with you.


Laura Brunton




Dear Bethany,

Keep pursuing this Day of the Cowboy please.

I have just returned from a 4-day event of rodeoing at the Smokey Bear Stampede in Capitan, New Mexico. When I say “rodeoing”, I mean watching. I had hauled a young colt to start her exposure to that kind of energy but would not dared to have mounted her yet.

What impressed me, again, and more so, in watching this rodeo was the Ranch Rodeo which preceded the regular rodeo. Firstly, the proceeds of that rodeo went to benefit our Deputy Sheriff Robert Shepherd who was shot 4 times in the line of duty, survived, and, one-armed bound in a cast, rode as the Captain of his Team Penning Team. That alone was impressive. More than that, the skill that was needed by those ranch cowboys, and obviously attained through much experience; trailer loading, wild-horse riding, wild cow milking, ad infinitum, was worthy of any athlete.

The Cowboy, as you know, is a huge part of our American heritage. It, unlike mining in its old form, still struggles to survive. It is unique in all the world with the exception of perhaps Argentina or other large South American ranches. The Cowboy Hall of Fame is certainly one step toward honoring those who have been part of our history, but the Day of the Cowboy hopefully will be come as big as any Hispanic Saint’s Day, as big as the honor of our great Presidents’ Day and nestle alongside, in importance, our Thanksgiving and Day of Independence, which started it all.

Caroline McCoy




Hi Bethany,

My name is Cathe and I have heard of and read about your “National Day of The Cowboy.” I think this is great! I am a ranch raised girl and a retired Livestock Officer for the State of Arizona, so you see the involvement I have with cowboys and the ranching way of life. Recently I married Clay Dustin who is from Texas and now makes his home south of Willcox. Clay is a country singer and is headed back to Nashville to record another CD. You can find out more about Clay and his music at www.claydustin.com We would be interested in discussing the potential of furnishing you with CDs of Clay’s to put in your store with part of the monies from the sales to go towards your project, “National Day of The Cowboy”. Please feel free to contact us at this email address.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.

Cathe and Clay




HI Bethany – thanks for this info.

I live in Sonoita, AZ and am the newly elected VP for the Santa Cruz County Cowbelles. I knew this date for NDOC was out there and wanted to make it a goal for us Cowbelles to celebrate in 2009.

If there is something that we can do in Santa Cruz Co. to get this passed please let me know. In the meantime, I’ll be proposing this to the Cowbelles and perhaps our “media” attention will assist with the legislation interest.

Let’s keep in touch. If you don’t hear from me this week it’s ’cause I’m traveling (actually going to DC and will get a Capitol tour from Giffords office…woohoo…I’m such a tourist!)

Thanks for the links and keep up your great work!

Happy trails,

Patty Wands
PO Box 876
Sonoita, AZ 85637




Hi Bethany,

Thanks for the information. July 26th is our Mom’s birthday. She passed away 35 years ago and we try to do something special on that day and this year we will celebrate the Cowboy.

When we were much younger, we used to watch cowboys on TV all the time. One of my favorite actors is Glenn Ford who, to the best of my knowledge, is the only actor to be inducted into the cowboy hall of fame.

Yes, please put us on your list for the National Day of the Cowboy News. We are so glad that this day is going to get more attention.

Have a great week Bethany and thanks again for the info.

Ronnie & Rosemary Horvath




My son is getting married in Willcox July 26th this year and I would love to get he and his bride one of the National Day of the Cowboy posters I saw pictured on the SSVEC magazine for a gift. Mikey will be a fifth generation rancher in Cochise County and Lacy has ranching ties as well. Can you help me? It’s a great looking poster, I’d take one too is they are available!

Anna Magoffin




Yes, I got the flag today and it is beautiful. Thank you so much! It has been a pleasure working with you.

Happy Trails………….

Larra Atwater
Atwater Hay & Livestock
Ramah, Colorado 80832


Dear Bethany

Thought that it was about time I let you know how the garden was progressing. Our National Day of the Cowboy garden will be at the Royal Welsh Show 2007 which takes place on 23 – 26 July. I have spent the weekend at an antiques fair buying various pieces of hardware to decorate the chuck wagon and camp fire. Things like tin pates, old tin boxes, a coffee grinder circa 1880, various pieces of tin and cast iron cookware, spades, axes, hurricane lamps and some branding irons! Who would have thought we’d manage to pick those up?

We have sown hundreds of seeds and sourced trees and other pants and it’s just a matter of getting them all to look great for the few days of the show. That’s the hard bit. We would be grateful for a couple of things from you to support the stand. Do you have any flyers, posters or any other publicity material available?

We will produce a flyer ourselves that will we hand out during the show. Do you have any art work, logos that are available to include in this leaflet? We would like to include in our leaflet a short comment in support of the garden from someone, maybe yourself, who is a representative of the organisation.

We will be arranging for some photographs to be sent to you showing the progress so far. Up until now it’s just been planks of wood and empty plant pots, not very interesting. Now things are beginning to take shape. We’re still getting some late snow and frosts, so Sue and I have been out covering the young plants that I’m sure would enjoy the Texas sun more than this weather.

Look forward to hearing from

Bob Priddle United Kingdom



(It is gratifying to know that news of a National Day of the Cowboy is reaching other countries and that celebrations transcend geographic boundaries. Publisher)




Many thanks for the very encouraging email. Having someone who lives in New Mexico want to assist in the Billy the Kid / John Henry Tunstall script is very encouraging and provides good energy If you can help to find someone for me it would be great. Trying to find a Marilyn Watson. I think living in Roswell, New Mexico. She did significant research apparently on Sallie Chisum, one of Billy’s girfriends and the niece of cattle baron John Chisum.

I have been in touch with the Billy the Kid museum. I just purchased a video from them: THE LINCOLN COUNTY WAR. I am very impressed with it. All about Billy and John Tunstall and the McSweens and the Santa Fe Ring and the Chisum’s and everything else. Very good video. Finding that person above, Marilyn Watson, would be a great help to me.

George Murrell
British Columbia, Canada




The cowtown of Okeechobee, Florida is preparing to celebrate the National Day of the Cowboy. We are planning an Old Florida Cattle Drive down Main Street to our Agri Center outside of town. We will have storey tellers, cow whip popping contest, BBQ cookoff contest and a Ranch Rodeo. Do you have any suggestions on how to make this a huge success? We need all the help you can stand. Everyone thinks Florida is beaches and Disney World. Our county has 4 times as many cattle as it does people. This is where Columbus & Ponce de Leon released the first cattle into America. Please feel free to send me anything that you think would help. Thanks in advance.

Matt Pearce, Chairman – Okeechobee National Day of the Cowboy Committee

President – Okeechobee Cattleman’s Association




I have a saddleshop in Bandera Texas self proclaimed cowboy capitol of the world. I plan on having chuck wagon cooking, cowboy singers and storytellers, western memorabilia, plus, of course, a big saddle sale. Your website does not have a date that I could find. I read about the “National Day of the Cowboy” and want to participate. So Let me in on the secret of when we shoul do this. If I missed the date somewhere on your website, I’m sorry. I’m not a computer age cowboy.


Lew Pewterbaugh Owner,

Bunkhouse Leather, Bandera Texas




I would like some information on the flag. We are putting on a National Cowboy Day at our store and would like more information.

Thank you for your help.

Lola Sprouse



Howdy Pard,

My name is Marvin Hodge a.k.a. Wrangler Marv. I am the co-host on a radio show called The Cowboy Way Show. Our host is Cowboy Bill Holden. “The Cowboy Way Show ” is dedicated to preserving the traditions of the old west. The radio program began in 2003 at WIMO Radio in Winder, GA.

From cowboy poetry, to cowboy trivia, to cowboy history, to cowboy music, to cowboy recipes, and a heap more, you’ll find it all right here. Cowboy Bill and I are frequently around town entertaining crowds and promoting the cowboy way. We have performed at The Atlanta Braves games, The Atlanta Country Music Hall of fame Awards, many nursing homes and film festivals just to name a few. “The Cowboy Way Show ” is aired weekly on WIMO Radio in Winder, GA. See our website at www.cowboywayshow.com .

I tell you all this just to let you know we are strong supporters of The National Day of the Cowboy. Last year we received membership cards to The National Day of the Cowboy. Our question is do we need to do anything to make sure we continue our membership with you?

Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you.

Wrangler Marv




When is the celebration for 2007??

We gladly support and stand by the National day of the Cowboy 100%. Without the cowboy we have lost OUR history.

Jane Ritter
Executive Director
Texas Ranching Heritage Center and Horse Park, Inc.


The 3rd Annual National Day of the Cowboy is July 28, 2007 – Publisher



Could you please tell me who to submit artwork to for consideration to be used for the National Day of the Cowboy yearly poster?

Thank you.

Teal Blake

The Blake Studios

(publisher’s note; Teal created the Trick Roper for our official 2007 Hatch Show Print)




My name is Melissa Hartley. I am the Marketing Coordinator for Western AgCredit based in South Jordan, Utah. We are members of the Farm Credit System and provide lending services for the agriculture industry. Our customers are the people The National Day of the Cowboy represents. I am currently writing an article to put in our quarterly magazine about The National Day of the Cowboy. An organization in Utah has put together a list of cowboys from each county that represent America’s Cowboys. Many of these individuals are our customers and we would like to recognize them along with the other individuals listed. I would like to use your logo and some of the information from your website in my article. All of the information presented will be in a positive manner, as the ideals of your organization are in line with the views of our association.

I have included a link to an example of a previous edition of the magazine so you can see the type of material we publish.

Thank you,

Melissa Hartley
Marketing Coordinator
Western AgCredit





My name is Albert A. Roch and I’m the coordinator of DCWRadio from Spain, EU.

I send you this mail because you’re a DCWRadio subscriber. I want to notice you that at September 5th, 2006 we started our emission of cowboy – western – swing special broadcast. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 04:00 to 05:00 and 16:00 to 17:00 (Austin TX hour). Let me talk about us:

DCWRadio is the first broadcasting station in Spain with an exclusive Americana/Country/Western program. DCWRadio is a totally independent broadcasting station and not settled to any top list of sales, top airplays or charts. Our purpose is moving forward this kind of music we like so much to anyone who wants to hear us. We are not a commercial station. We do not earn any money with it. We just do it because we love country music. DCWRadio supports The National Day Of the Cowboy org. You can see it in this link. You can listen us at www.dimelocountry.com Clicking on “listen live” logo.

Thanks for your attention.

Albert A. Roch
Barcelon, Spain

PS. – If you are Artists, PR’s, Management, or Record Company and if you would like your music featured on DCWR please, contact us.




I found your website.

My group and I are putting together a documentary on the real story and real happenings behind the legend of Billy the Kid and John Henry Tunstall and Lincoln County and all its citizens and whether or not Pat Garrett really did kill Billy the Kid on that night and what got the Kid into guns in the first place. Anyway your group or organization might help us? I am from British Columbia Canada, small city of Victoria. (capital).

You all know who John Henry Tunstall was? Of course you do. Well, before he met Billy and hired him and then got shot and killed, John lived and worked in my home town of Victoria for 3 1/2 yrs before going south at age 22 to make his $$$$. John’s father was the senior of 3 business partners in a mercantile business here in Victoria. John arrived in Victoria at age 19, coming from England. So, yes we want to do a documentary that links BC with New Mexico back in the 1870’s.

If you can aid us with info from back in those days or know somebody who can or you can aid us in direct knowledge of the legendary Kid…. we would sure appreciate it for our documentary.

And, of course, your organization is aware of the new photo that has surfaced and is suspected may be the the Kid. ???

Hope to hear from you..

George Murrell






Dear Zane & Bethany:

Applause to each of you for a fabulous day at the unveiling of Cowboy Keepers…it was such a nice day – wonderful presentation, leaving NO DOUBT for anyone present that the National Day of the Cowboy is indeed being lead by 2 of the best – YOU – and that great and exciting things are in the future – and that the legend will continue to live on…

God is holding you in the palm of His mighty hands – and has entrusted this endeavor to you – in your hands it lies…Special thanks for all your endless hours of work – moments of doubt – but knowing that giving up was not an option…you are loved and greatly appreciated by us all.

Love, Christina

Hello New Friend,

Thanks for the opportunity to petition. I’m sending many of my western friends this information and an invitation to sign the petition as well. I’m thrilled at the prospects.

Rhonda Whiting Cecchin
A.K.A. …”Sisters of the Silver Sage”




Hi Bethany,

I signed the music petition for a western music Grammy, hope all goes well!

Juni Fisher
2005 AWA Western Female Performer of the Year
2005 WMA Crescendo Award
Red Geetar Record




I’ve forwarded the petition link to my mailing list. Thanks for taking the initiative to put this together. This is a vital link in building up the infrastructure for professional western musicians. Hope this works out…

Mike Iverson

Blue Sage Trio




Hi Bethany,

I signed your petition…what a great idea…those of us in Western music have been largely ignored by even the CMA. About time we get some kind of recognition. You can check out my CD’s at www.cdbaby.com

my old movies are at www.filmbaby.comwww.geocities.com/azcowboysingr


Tex Hill



Hello Bethany,

What a concept, first we get the National Day of the Cowboy and now working toward getting national attention for our WesternArtists! I am a DJ here in Cortez CO and I do 2 hours each Sunday on KSJD Dryland Community Radio. As a public radio station I have free rein of what music I can play and it is Western/Cowboy Music and Poetry. I would like to help out in any way I can to get our music out to more folks. My show has grown in listeners, at first folks were timid about calling in but now they are getting to know the Artists via interviews and music. We are trying to have a show on July 22, for the Second Annual National Day of the Cowboy. As a rural area we are getting an idea of how it will come together this year…

I would like to hear your feelings on this and how others are celebrating this National Day! Thanks for your time and consideration of this matter.


Barbara Richhart
Western Belle of KSJD
CowTrails Show
32229 CO RD P
Mancos, CO 81328
Studio: Sundays 12:00-2 PM 970-564-0808




I’m so proud of you! I’m doing a promotion next month and the b/g music is all Bob Wills!!

Tandy Rice Jr

George Jones University

Nashville, TN





Hi – how’s everything going???? I love your newsletters – and I hope everything is going wonderfully for you!

Debbie Ebia

Sheridan, Wyoming





Hello Bethany.

Sorry for my english. I want to talk with you for two differents things. The first I’m very interested to buy two units of your “National day of the Cowboy Poster.”

The other theme is about the work we can do together with cowboy music. I would like an hour of cowboy music in my radio station, www.dimelocountry.com and a especial web page with news and singers but Bethany, I don’t have enough time. Maybe, if you help me… We can talk how. Think about it, please.

The first 2006 “CD of the Week” in DCWRadio was Randy Huston’s “… Hole in Daddy’s Rope”. It’s a big diamond.

Thanks for all.

Albert A. Roch

Barcelona, Spain




Good Morning!

I read the National Day of the Cowboy News when you send and it is so interesting that I print it out and take a copy to our mac-club meeting. I’m not sure how many have checked out your website, but the copies are always gone at the end of the meeting! Let me know how I can help.

Bonnie Clayton

Bay City, Michigan





I just stumbled across your amazin’ website today. Very well done I might add.

I’m a cowboy singer, songwriter, cowboy poet, humorist and national Champion yodeler, of some note. You can find out more about me by going to my website www.singingcowboy.com. Just from what I saw on your website First, I think you’re doing good quality work (something that’s not always to be had in the field of Western Arts) and second, it seems like a natural fit for both of us for a bunch of mutual reasons.

So if I don’t see you in the future I’ll see you in the pasture,

Heap Thanks,

Gary McMahan




Hey there!

Your Desert Cowboys’ story was such a great article! I had goosebumps while reading it; nothing like a bit of pure patriotism these days!

Adele Richmond






We would like to exchange links with you folks. Anyway we can help promote, let us know. The National Day Of The Cowboy should be known “World Wide.” Hey, say “HI” to our good friend, Royal Wade Kimes. Glad to see he’s onboard.


Lucky Trails,
Jim Easterbrook
Legacy of the West




Just had a chance to look at your website. It looks great. We believe very strongly that the Cowboys & girls need to be recognized for what they have contributed to this great country. We have a Cowboy Single Action Shooting Club called The Dalton Gang of New Hampshire H LLC. We have been operating for the last 7 years and hold 23 events a year. If you would be interested in having us promote your organization we would be happy to so as our organization believes 100 percent in promoting the ‘Cowboy Way”. We would be very happy to offer a link from our website to yours.

Happy Ramblin’s
Littleton & Nan Dalton
AKA Don & Nan Mooney
New Hampshire




I am contacting you to let you know Zane Mead spoke with us a few days ago about engaging the Mules of America to support the National Day of The Cowboy. Both Doug and I are happy to contact Mule owners, and organizations etc. to promote the National Day of the Cowboy and to encourage their participation. We have made many contacts during the last 20 years, including the fellow behind the first equine cloning, which was a mule.

We are excited about contributing. Please let us know your ideas, or any other information we need to be of help. Thank You very much for your hard work, this is a wonderful National Day to celebrate! By the way, Zane’s painting is BEAUTIFUL! Zane is not only an excellent artist, but he is a beautiful person.

Doug and Sherry Caldwell




I bumped into your website through the Bar D newsletter (cowboypoetry.com), and just wanted to commend you on such a noble undertaking. I write and perform cowboy poetry for much of the same reasons: promoting a way of life that has done much to make this country good and decent.

I’ll check back to see if your merchandise is up and running and look forward to displaying your message on my truck and guitar case as I make my own rounds here in the southwest. Next weekend is Cowboy Days in Las Cruces, NM and down the road I’ll be at The Festival of the West in Phoenix, AZ. I figure we’ll cross paths somewhere, till then, thanks for your efforts and good luck.

Mike Moutoux




You have a great site. Hopefully, another resolution can be passed in the months to come.

It may interest you to know about the Circuit Riders of Cody, WY. Their site was recently launched and the other day I heard about your site from a bumper sticker. I have added a link to your site on the Circuit Riders’ links page. This past June, the Circuit Riders had a show on the day of the National Day of the Cowboy. They are a Western trio (though only two of them sing) performing music in the genre of the Sons of the Pioneers classics as well as originals written in that style. They also do Western style gospel music and educational programs that bring to life the history of the Old West.

Scott Bothwell

Circuit Riders of Cody WY



I received a newsletter from National Day Of The Cowboy and I enjoyed reading it as well as checking out the website. To be honest, I was not aware of this organization or its webpage. I think it’s great!! I agree that it is important to keep the Western Lifestyle alive. I myself am an avid fan of anything Western. I love country music, rodeos and the cowboy way. I’m also an artist of contemporary cowboy drawings. I will definitely visit Nationa Day of the Cowboy.com again!

Thank you,

Tony Sesma (pencil artist)




Wanted to let you know we have listed your site on our Relief and Educational Organizations. The organizations on this page are the ones we endorse and those whose mission statements reflect the mission of the Rodeo Attitude Program. We have also posted on our Front Page any major news stories or press releases on the National Day of the Cowboy. Please continue to keep us updated on your organization and the newest resolution.

Thank you.

Cindy Meyers
President, Rodeo Attitude, LLC




This day of honor should be extended by Congress to every year…I hope it can be !!

Cheers, Dunny Barney
Austin D. Barney, ll, CIC, CRP
West Simsbury, CT. 06092




We definitely support the National Day of the Cowboy.

Judy L. Mitchell





Yes, we are all for this Cowboy bill being passed!

The cowboy and his family truly represent what was and still could be America today. The values of the original pioneers and the western cowboy still exist in the west and should be celebrated for all those who may have forgotten what made this country strong!

Thanks for getting the word out.

Cheryl Deats

Gallatin Gateway, MT




Thank you for visiting with me at tne NCS, in Lubbock. I still have my bumpersticker on my computer desk. Thank you for your efforts and and big ‘Howdy” from Texas.

Prentiss Yeates



If you have been keeping up with “The Thomas Ranch,” we have been keeping all of our patriots updated with the National Day of the Cowboy News. I am proud and still proud and speak frequently about this program., daily on the radio in the military conferences I attend and just about every other moment I can think of. The Thomas Ranch would like our banner on everything that has to do with the National Cowboy Day. We are living the life of the Cowboy daily. I would like to thank you all again. Not only was our Cowboy page such a super hit I decided to write up one on “America Needs the Cowboy” I hope that we can still be partners in this long after the 1st annual. I would also like to be included in the first but the 100th as well. The Thomas Ranch being over 100 years old it gives us something to look forward to in the future. lol.

If you have any further questions just ask but as far as still sponsoring it. Yes, everyday I do and still will even though it is passed we will push forward with the support and the sponsorship. I just wish I had a better banner to give to you for the sponsorship spot.

Please keep me informed….. Thanks for all that you have done so far and keep your chins up, its a long road but we will make it.

Russell J. Anderson
The Thomas Ranch
A family owned cattle Ranch since 1902.




I really do like your website! It’s a nice combination of classic and modern elements — very eye-catching.

Keli Carlson

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association




Good Morning! You have a beautiful site.

We took a month long trip after the 2005 AWA Convention and Awards Show through 14 states…all the areas hit by Katrina. Needless to say we are grateful to have been there before the hurricane, but deeply saddened and moved by the distruction and heartache left behind. Our youth artists have decided to take the money from their auction, which was matched by an anonymous donor, to send to help other kids. I am proud of our young artists and will tell you more as it develops.

This is a beautiful site and a great honor to all of us who live the life. Thank You.

Donna Hatton
Co-President, Performing Arts of The West, Youth Asocitation
Winner:AWA Will Rogers Award, Cowboy Poetry CD Album 2005